International Screens Conference

Pannaattu Thiraigal Peravai 2022(PTP)/International Screens Conference 2022 (ISC)

(Tagline: Thiraigal vazhi samooga samathuvam nokki /Through screens to social equity)
International Institute of Film and Culture (IIFC)

The IIFC envisages an annual international conference Pannaattu Thiraigal Peravai (PTP)/International Screens Conference (ISC) to study the dimensions and ramifications of the effect of screens and cultures with global/local/glocal appeal on audiences, particularly the young as we believe that the future of cultural communication will be defined by these young aspiring creators.

This first edition of the International Screens Conference is planned on in January 2023. The conference this year will focus on the “Tamil film auteurs impacting the 2K gen in the context of contemporary Tamil Nadu” using a multidisciplinary, multi-genre and transnational approach. The goal is to study the global appeal and impact of their oeuvre from various perspectives.

The focus of the research papers will be on: Auteur, Genre or Theme using well defined methodologies (providing clear cut justification for the specific choice of methodology) keeping the impact on the 2k as the reference point. The papers may be presented in any language