Vision and Mission of IIFC Commitment to make change makers

Film as a mass-entertainment industry has as its core creative impulse, cine-technological expertise, commercial acumen, culture sensitivity, and social responsibility. Filmmaking is, thus, a unique industrial production of entertainment with people as focal point and end beneficiaries.
Our Institute recognises that filmmaking is essentially a people-process and has designed this Course as a harmonious blend of the above-said core aspects of cinema.

The founders believe in the powerful impact when Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are not mere words but actionable tenets. To that end, the school aims to enrol the students hailing from extremely underserved and marginalised communities in the 40 districts of Tamil Nadu. With this approach to Filmmaking, the Institute is committed to identify raw and original talents primarily across the districts of Thamizh Nadu, and to provide a conducive ambience to nurture and refine their cine-tech skills, emerging eventually as ‘serious entertainers’ technically, creatively, ethically empowered to produce wholesome and
healthy, commercially viable entertainment.

Those with aptitude, ambition, dreams and the right attitude will then be provided intensive coaching in film, culture and the Arts. A blend of multiple disciplines, the course willimmerse them in deep study of Politics, History, Sociology, Culture and Film Studies topower their dreams to reality.

The uniqueness of pedagogy coupled with the concept of a fully grant based world class educational environment ensures that these students will gain from the finest minds in the disciplines mentioned but without burdening the finances of their families. The faculty are drawn from Communication, Film Studies, Sociology, Literature, Psychology, PoliticalScience, History, Culture Studies, Visual Arts, Performing arts and practising professionals from the Film Industry

The objective is to fuel their dreams and give wind to their wings so they may soar in the creative arts and create a generation of young creators in Tamil Nadu and India.



Director Vetri Maaran

Founder - President

Mr. Vetri Maaran is a National award winning Director who primarily works in the Tamil film industry. A graduate in Literature from Loyola College, Chennai, his grounding in Tamil Culture and Literature, his keen eye for detail and his sensitivity to the Political, socio-cultural context within which he stages his stories drives his unique film journey. He wears multiple hats – Producer, Director, Writer and as an educator with the founding of International Institute of Film and Culture (IIFC). IIFC is his way of giving back to society by providing opportunities to dreamers and creators from marginalised communities.


Dr. Fr. S Rajanayagam


A pioneer in Visual communication education in Asia, Dr. Fr. S Rajanayagam SJ guides young seekers at Noshram, a retreat envisaged as a space for search for truth, growth and higher learning.  As a psephologist, he heads the Institute of People studies that undertakes extensive studies and surveys into electoral patterns, voting behaviour and political discourse. He is an innovator in pedagogy and  mentors the teaching-learning methods at IIFC in unique ways helping the team of faculty and students navigate the journey from storytelling to digital imagination to cultural competencies.


Mr. Vetri Duraiswamy

Founder - Secretary

Mr. Vetri Duraiswamy is an entrepreneur, wildlife photographer, filmmaker and philanthropist. He wrote and directed his first film Enraavadhu Oru Naal that went on to win the Best Film Award at Chennai International Film Festival, 2021. As co-founder of the IIFC, he continues his family’s  legacy of  facilitating education for young knowledge seekers.